Hearing Assistance Deserves Highest Award

15/Jul/2019     Health

Ninety year-old James Crawford has attended the Cochlear Implant Clinic at Mater Hospital Brisbane since 2003 for a range of hearing issues where he has been fitted out with a wireless device and receives continued support for his hearing and device management.

Mr Crawford was so impressed with the services from the team he made and personally presented trophies to Allied Health Assistant, Estelle Allery and Senior Administration Officer, Julie McMahon thanking them for their hard work and support.

“I am very appreciative of the assistance the team has given me troubleshooting problems I was having with the device, I have even walked into the clinic with no appointment and the ladies have still given me excellent care,” Mr Crawford said.

Senior Administration Officer Julie McMahon was very overwhelmed and surprised to receive such a wonderful token of appreciation.

“You think you’re just doing your job, but you don’t realise the positive impact you’re having on a person’s life,” she said. 

“We are often told once a patient has regained their hearing they also regain their independence. They have the confidence to leave the house and go out into the community again.”

Allied Health Assistant Estelle Allery said the patients they see are with them for life so they form a very strong rapport.

“It’s not unusual for them to drop in and see us without an appointment if they are having trouble with their device. It means we have built a trusting relationship with them and they feel comfortable asking for help,” she said.

“We also see other members of the public come in to our clinic for assistance if they are not near their normal doctor but are having difficulty with their device.”

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