Day-to-Day Management of Diabetes with the Oz DAFNE Program

17/Jul/2020     Health

Clinical Nurse Consultant Marina Noud runs the Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating (DAFNE) program at the Mater Queensland Diabetes and Endocrine Centre (QDEC), supporting patients with diabetes.

Marina explains there is no good time to be diagnosed with diabetes, the impact the diagnosis- has on a patient is life changing.  She is passionate about improving the health literacy of her patients to help them better manage their diabetes.

“We started the DAFNE program after attending a course in the United Kingdom with Mater Director of Obstetric Medicine Professor David McIntyre who was interested in bringing the program to QDEC,” she said. 

“The program launched at Mater in 2005 where it has been running four  courses a year since then. Our patients attend a week-long immersive course Monday to Friday 9- 5 to learn more about their diabetes  and empower them to manage it.

“As the name suggests the course has a strong focus on insulin dosing for carbohydrate intake  where our patients are able to consult directly with dieticians and educators  learning how to adjust their insulin depending on what they are eating, how to keep their blood sugar levels in target and emphasis is placed on a healthy diet.”

The group also provides a safe space where people can discuss any personal problems they are having with their diabetes and the multidisciplinary team works with them to problem solve and find a solution.

“We are able to give them the life skills to minimise the impact diabetes has on their life, they are able to exercise safely, travel or go out to lunch with friends without worrying about their diabetes,” she said.

“DAFNE allows us to improve the quality of life for our patients, filling in the knowledge gaps they may have with their diabetes management and helping them to get on with their lives safely. I am so proud of the service we are able to offer.”   

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To find out more about the Mater Queensland Diabetes and Endocrine Centre (QDEC), you can visit the website here or call  07 3163 2500. For further information on the DAFNE program email referrals to the centre can be made through a GP.

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