Helping Women Across Queensland Through Telehealth

13/Jul/2020     Health

Meet Mater Gynaecologist Dr Luke McLindon who is able to provide Telehealth consults with women and their families all over Queensland managing a range of different gynaecological medical conditions.

Luke provides 90 per cent of his public consults through Telehealth as 25 per cent of his patients live remotely. He is able to connect in with women from throughout Queensland. Privately he offers Telehealth consultations across regional Queensland plus those who live right here in Brisbane.

Telehealth has broadened his reach as a medical professional while also providing patients with the added convenience of having a consultation from the comfort of their own homes.  

“We are giving our patients more choice and flexibility, they don’t have to leave work or home for several hours to attend an appointment, pay for parking or find a babysitter,” Luke said.

“Through our calls we are also able to speak with the patient’s partner or support person, allowing us greater access to their support network and ability to assess their individual needs.

“Providing consults through Telehealth does not mean patients with extra needs miss out, interpreters are used for patients who do not speak English and Auslan sign language is used for those who have hearing difficulties.”

The team have seen other benefits from offering Telehealth consultations which include fewer cancellations and they are more likely to run appointments on time which has increased their patient capacity.

“Working with Telehealth we are also able to easily connect in with a patient’s GP if further consultation is needed, using multiple screens we can have more than one health care provider in a discussion as well,” Luke said.

“We have received fantastic support from Telehealth Service Manager Megan White who has been phenomenal in helping us with any issues that occur and problem solving.  

“Mater Foundation have also been fantastic, providing the team with brand new laptops to ensure we can perform the consultations on top of the range technology.”

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