Managing your type 1 diabetes

08/Jun/2018     Health

Do you have type 1 diabetes? Are you looking for more freedom, less guesswork and better health?

DAFNE is a group program designed for adults with type 1 diabetes using insulin injections. The DAFNE course teaches you how to manage type 1 diabetes by working out how much insulin is needed for what you choose to eat. 

The program is based on:

  • estimating the amount of carbohydrates in your food
  • checking your blood glucose before each meal
  • calculating and injecting quick acting insulin each time you eat according to the carbohydrate and blood glucose level
  • 1 or 2 injections of long acting insulin each day.

DAFNE involves attending a five day course learning in a group with others with type 1 diabetes. Topics include carbohydrate estimation, hypos, illness and insulin adjustment for exercise and drinking alcohol safely. During the week you practice the skills of carbohydrate estimation and insulin adjustment with the support of a DAFNE accredited nurse and dietitian. Most of the course involves group work, sharing and comparing experiences with other people with type 1 diabetes tohelp you self-manage type 1 diabetes. 

The Queensland Diabetes and Endocrine Centre (QDEC) in the Mater Specialist Outpatient Clinics offers 4 DAFNE courses per year.

Remaining dates for 2018:

  • 18-22 June
  • 3-7 September
  • 19-23 November

Public relations contacts

07 3163 6142