Innovation partnership puts Mater in front

09/Jun/2022     Mater Group

Mater and Advance Queensland have formalised an ongoing partnership to accelerate innovation and position Mater as an even stronger player in the Queensland innovation ecosystem.

Mater CEO Dr Peter Steer said Mater had a long history of innovative firsts in Queensland, such as installing Queensland’s first deep X-ray therapy machine in 1928 and performing Australia’s first in-utero spinal surgery on a baby diagnosed with spina bifida.

“As an employer of almost 10,000 people living in Queensland, we want to be – and need to be – part of our State’s innovation ecosystem,” Dr Steer said.

“We see strengthening our connection with Advance Queensland as critical to our future.”

Dr Steer joined Director-General of the Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport John Lee to further strengthen the commitment between Mater and the Queensland Government’s innovation team, and Advance Queensland's innovation networks across the state.

“We aim to become an integral part of the innovation landscape in Queensland and support innovative ideas that address some of the health and community care challenges we face in this state,” Dr Steer said.

Mater will work closely with Advance Queensland’s extensive network to explore and leverage emerging local ideas throughout the coming years.

Since 2015, the Queensland Government has invested $755 million into the flagship Advance Queensland initiative to drive innovation, from increased STEM education and entrepreneurship programs to working with corporate organisations such as Mater.

The initiative connects to emerging technology developers, industry bodies, credible international organisations and universities and the private sector. It uses its internal expertise and culture to drive and facilitate the state’s innovation agenda.

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