Mater Giving Day equips Mackay with world-class technology

Central Queenslanders will no longer need to travel to Brisbane for complex sinus and nasal surgery with new state-of-the-art surgical technology now available at Mater Private Hospital Mackay.

Mater Private Hospital Mackay is the only hospital in the region equipped with the $88,000 Fiagon ENT Navigation System, funded by community donations to Mater Foundation.

Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon Dr Luke Reid said the cutting-edge technology enabled procedures to be performed within 1–2mm degrees of accuracy and allowed patients to access surgery close to home.

Marion resident William Whamond was the first patient to have surgery using the new technology at Mater and said it had significantly improved his quality of life.

He is now able to breathe, smell, and sleep more easily.

“For years I have suffered from severe nasal polyps that were visible and gradually worsened, affecting my sinus cavity to the degree I always had a blocked nose,” Mr Whamond said.

“I am in a managerial position, and it started affecting my work because I didn’t want to go to meetings where people could be concerned that I had COVID-19 or the flu.”

Mr Whamond said being able to have the surgery locally without travelling to Brisbane had saved him time, money, and stress that would have interrupted his work and family life.

Mater Foundation Executive Director Andrew Thomas said Wednesday (29 June) was Mater’s annual Giving Day, an opportunity for donors’ contributions to be tripled to fund much-needed healthcare equipment and services in regional Queensland.

“Mater Giving Day is a 24-hour fundraiser where generous donations made to Mater Foundation will be matched and tripled by donors,” Mr Thomas said.

“The funds raised contribute to the improvement of Mater’s facilities across Queensland in the same way the ENT Navigation System is enhancing access to world-class care in Mackay.

“Whether you dig deep or give a little, every contribution makes a difference to patients like William and extends the services offered at Mater.”

Dr Reid said he used the surgical equipment weekly to perform procedures on patients with sinus disease, including polyps, and for those with complex anatomy where the equipment enhanced the safety of the procedure being performed.

“Donations to Mater Foundation for new technology helps support us to deliver local services to our patients in Mackay that is comparable to those found in major cities and institutions around the world,” Dr Reid said.

Find more information on Giving Day 2022 here.

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