Mater Rockhampton brings comfort through Giving Day

New equipment for palliative patients is bringing greater comfort to people receiving end-of-life-care at Mater Private Hospital Rockhampton, as well as their families.

Nearly $60,000 in community donations to Mater Foundation has enabled the hospital to purchase a state-of-the-art high dependency bed for palliative patients, as well as several ‘floating’ chairs that enable families to wheel their loved ones outside for fresh air and sunshine.

Mater Private Hospital Rockhampton Executive Officer Sue Thurbon said equipment was purchased from donations raised during last year’s Giving Day and she hoped Central Queenslanders would dig deep for the 24- hour annual fundraiser again when it was held on Wednesday 29 June.

“The high dependency bed allows our end-of-life patients to rest easier, with our clinicians able to move patients in the bed and elevate them to a seated position with the click of a button,” Ms Thurbon said.

“The floating chairs are on wheels and are like large, comfortable armchairs in which the patient can be wheeled outside when they feel like fresh air or a bit of sunshine.

“For palliative care patients, this sort of comfort and mobility makes an enormous difference to their quality of life.”

Mater Foundation Executive Director Andrew Thomas said Mater’s annual Giving Day was an opportunity for the community to contribute to much-needed healthcare equipment and services in Queensland.

“Mater Giving Day is a 24-hour fundraiser where generous donations made to Mater Foundation will be matched and tripled by donors,” Mr Thomas said.

“The funds raised contribute to the improvement of Mater’s facilities across Queensland in the same way the high dependency bed and floating chairs aiding the delivery of best practice healthcare in Rockhampton.

“Whether you dig deep or give a little, every contribution makes a difference and extends the services offered at Mater.”

Ms Thurbon said Mater Private Hospital Rockhampton provided calm, compassionate and family-oriented end-of-life care for patients and the new equipment enabled loved ones to spend more quality time with their family and friends.

“The new high dependency bed is in a larger hospital room to enable family and friends to spend time with palliative patients during their end-of-life care,” she said.

Find more information on Giving Day 2022 here.

Image: Mater Private Hospital Rockhampton Executive Officer Sue Thurbon.


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