World Café sparks ideas for new partnerships

07/Mar/2019     Mater GroupResearch

Mater welcomed members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to the South Brisbane campus to explore new partnerships.

The goal of the World Café event, hosted by the Clinical Governance Team and Mater Research, was to ensure Mater provides the best possible experience to meet the needs of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients, consumers and staff.

A morning of rich discussions explored topics such as ‘What systems and processes does Mater need to improve the patient journey for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients?’ ‘How can Mater best engage with its Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community to ensure it is making the right decisions to meet their needs?’ and ‘How can we improve the patient experience and provide a welcoming environment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people at Mater?’

Mater Clinical Governance Advisor Maree Johnson said the meeting was of great value.

“It was exciting to involve community members in our discussions to learn how to best meet the needs of our patients and staff,” Ms Johnson said.

“We have two main priorities from here: the first is to implement some of the immediate service improvements and secondly develop a long term action plan across all of Mater where areas can be prioritised.

Mater Clinical Governance Framework describes a series of systems that work together to ensure Mater is accountable for the continual improvement of the quality of services that guard high standards for care and ensure they are patient centric, safe and effective.

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