Meet the Mater Interns

10/Mar/2020     Health

Mater has just welcomed their newest cohort of interns, junior house doctors, senior house doctors and registrars to the campus.

Just starting out in her career is medical intern Dr Natanya Moloney who began her journey becoming a doctor in a unique and exciting way, sponsored by the Navy at Bond University.

“Bond was great I had the opportunity to have placement in Australian hospitals plus the Solomon Islands and India as part of my studies last year, as well as spend time on HMAS Adelaide which was like a floating city,” she said.

“It was a massive ship; they had a fully functioning hospital on board complete with surgical wards for the nearly 1,000 crew members who are very different to the patients you see in a normal hospital as they are all young and healthy.

“The opportunities with the Navy are great – I am interested in doing humanitarian aid, helping refugees and with disaster relief.”

Natanya also spent time on land training in smaller, regional hospitals however working for Mater was always her goal and her first choice in the hospital ballot selection.

“I had heard really good things about the Mater Hospital so I made it my first preference. Many other doctors had told me the hospital’s internship program was fantastic providing a very supportive environment,” she said.

“So far I have found it very exciting; I now have more responsibility and am learning so fast. I am really enjoying general surgery and I have an interest in women’s health and obstetrics from my experiences while in medical school.”

Having a helpful and supportive team has made coming to Mater as an intern easier for Natanya as well.

“I have found the team members so lovely and easy to get along with, everyone is kind from the nurses, admin staff, pharmacy and more,” she said. 

“I have been supervised by Dr Narelle Fagermo who has been wonderful to watch, she has an excellent bedside manner with her patients.

“I can tell everyone here is working together for the one goal of providing the patient with the best outcome and that’s just where I want to be.”

Natanya will complete three years of medical training before she enters the Navy as a full time doctor. She currently holds the rank of Lieutenant.

For Dr Marita Smith her journey to medicine began with her starting out as a Physiotherapist working in hospitals across South-East Queensland including Brisbane and Wide-Bay Area.

“I love Physiotherapy but I realised that my career progression would likely lead to less contact hours with patients, whom ultimately are the reason I love the job and medicine had always been the goal,” Marita explains.

“I had another friend who was working as a Physiotherapist who switched over to medicine, so I took a leap of faith and made the switch as well. I’m so glad I did, after university I put Mater on my ballot and I was fortunate enough to receive a position.”

After being selected at Mater for the intern program Marita will rotate working through a number of different areas of the hospital but has a clear idea of where she would like to specialise.

“I am really drawn to neurosciences and paediatrics and am fortunate enough while at Mater to be offered a rotation with Queensland Children’s Hospital. I’m also looking forward to my experience in ICU and Mater Mothers’ Hospital,” Marita said.

“Working as a doctor in the hospital will enable me to focus on the long term impact on my patients and a holistic approach to care.”

She said her first few weeks of life at the hospital were a steep learning curve but enjoyable at the same time.

“I have felt very supported by the team. Dr Dale has been very helpful. She has excellent knowledge, amazing patient care and is always happy to answer our questions,” she said.

“The Mater Education team have been very supportive as well, Georgia, Olivia, Hannah and Ryan have always been available if we need any help.” 

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