Supporting Epilepsy Patients

11/Mar/2021     Mater Group

The team from Mater’s Advanced Epilepsy Service have partnered with Epilepsy Queensland to provide a continuum of care and ongoing support, advocacy and education for patients and the wider community.

While at the Mater, patients can access a representative from Epilepsy Queensland either onsite or via their HelpLine, providing crucial psychosocial supports and helping them access other essential support services and navigate through funded support systems like the NDIS.

Epileptolgist Dr Lisa Gillinder explains while she and her team can care for a patient clinically, due to the nature of epilepsy her patients have many other complex needs outside of their healthcare journey which can be social, emotional, physical and financial.

“Often, people living with epilepsy require a range of support in addition to medical management. Our partnership with Epilepsy Queensland helps ensure our patients holistic needs are met and is complimentary to the clinical care provided by the hospital and outpatient departments,” Lisa said.

“Epilepsy Queensland is Queensland’s leading not for profit epilepsy support organisation. They are dedicated to an individual understood and supported to live well and work with people who live with epilepsy and their families to make sure that happens across all aspects of their lives including psychosocial supports, information and referral, education and training, health system navigation (including NDIS funded supports), peer supports and a range of practical advice and support in areas such as employment.

“While attending the Mater to see their doctors and have their regular check-ups, patients can have direct access for face-to-face support. They may also choose to follow up with Epilepsy Queensland if more in depth support is required.”

CEO of Epilepsy Queensland Chris Dougherty said the relationship with Mater is a long standing as similar activations have been done in the past.

“Even before our attendance at the clinic, the Mater was actively referring patients to our service and participating in education programs. We believe that integrating our psychosocial supports at the point of diagnoses or other clinical attendance creates better holistic outcomes for the Mater’s patients and our community.  We are very grateful that the Mater believes the same and our relationship grows stronger because of it.,” Chris said.

On 26 March the Mater Advanced Epilepsy Team will be climbing the Story Bridge with Epilepsy Queensland, you can find out more here,

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