Dedicated volunteer Kevin in the driver’s seat

10/Mar/2022     Mater Group

A 71-year-old former police officer who volunteers to drive cancer patients to Brisbane’s Mater Cancer Care Centre says his focus is taking care of people who need it the most.

Patients who are too sick to drive to hospital themselves, have no family support or facing financial hardship, rely on volunteers like Mr Kelly to transport them to Mater for their medical appointments.

Mr Kelly, of Thornlands, has formed strong friendships with patients since becoming a volunteer just six months ago.

“I am a good listener and that’s important,” Mr Kelly said.

“I really admire them sharing their stories with me and I enjoy seeing their health progress.”

Mr Kelly’s wife passed away three years ago, after battling an illness for more than two years.

He said he was “in and out” of hospital daily and this was his way of giving back to the local community.

Mr Kelly’s role as a volunteer patient transport driver sees him travel across Brisbane and Ipswich to suburbs including Eagleby, Carole Park, and Goodna.

Mater Volunteer Senior Manager Judy Johnson said volunteers like Mr Kelly were passionate about giving back to their community.

“When you help others, you end up feeling really good,” Ms Johnson said.

“Kevin is a great driver, and not only does he drive patients, some who are chronically ill, to where they need to be, he helps reduce their stress and takes time to make a difference to their lives.”

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