Responding to changing healthcare needs

20/May/2020     Pathology

In response to increases in Telehealth medicine, Mater Pathology offers clinicians and patients multiple options to coordinate any required testing.

Regardless of where you see your patient – in the practice or via telehealth, Mater Pathology offers options for your patient to access our services in safe and convenient ways. 

Collection can be accessed via our home service, community collection centres, or by attendance or drive through at our dedicated respiratory facilities.

If your patient needs advice around these options please encourage them to call our customer service team on 07 3163 8500, or visit for online patient information and options.

Mater Pathology is committed to providing a convenient and safe way to support your practice during this period of uncertainty.  COVID testing will continue for many months ahead and we want to provide you with choices that suit your patients.

We continue to open new collection sites across the greater Brisbane region with our latest offering, a respiratory clinic, located at 46-50 Middle Street, Cleveland. This spacious new clinic offers clinicians a dedicated location to send patients for all forms of respiratory testing including influenza and COVID-19 panels.

For any questions or enquiries related to our service, please contact:

Deb Hornsby, General Manager Mater Pathology
0401 216 477 or email

Doctor line
Phone 07 3163 7500

Public relations contacts

07 3163 6142