Dietary support from the comfort of your own home

26/May/2021     Health

Meet Leigh from the Mater at Home Dietetics team, she provides individualised nutrition care to Mater patients once they have left hospital where she supports them with their treatment and recovery all in the comfort of their own home.

Leigh works closely with the Mater Breast Care Nurses supporting breast cancer survivors prior to them undergoing breast reconstruction surgery ensuring they are in optimal health before their operation.

"The Breast Care Nurses refer us patients who need to optimise their weight and nutrition in the lead up to their surgery. They are referred onto our ‘Weight Reduction At Home Program (WRAHP)’ which is a six month program alternating home visits and telehealth,” Leigh said.

“The WRAHP aims to provide education on healthy eating principles and portion control. It also includes practical activities such as how to read food labels and a grocery shopping tour. Behavioural strategies such as goal setting, action planning and self-monitoring are also addressed.

"WRAHP is designed to be convenient, flexible and accessible to patients, we can visit them at home or at work.  It's an added layer of support for them on their breast cancer journey. So far, we have had some success stories on the program with the ladies reaching their weight goal thus being approved for their reconstruction and improving their surgical outcomes.

"Additionally, all the data we collect from our patients during the WRAHP is now part of a research study, evaluating the effectiveness of a mixed mode (home visit and telehealth) weight reduction program for breast reconstruction pre-habilitation.”

Leigh also explains that the team see other patients who can be referred from all different departments in the hospital following their treatment, referrals range from  meal planning for weight loss or weight gain, tube feeding support, access to nutrition supplement drinks, advice on management of gut issues or help adjusting to chronic conditions.

"We support patients with chronic diseases like diabetes and how to tailor their meal plan, those who have recently been in acute care and might still need advice to achieve optimal nutrition intake or support with tube feeding, those in rehabilitation from long term injuries or illnesses that need diet advice for their increased requirements for recovery ," Leigh said.

"Our team can also play an active role within the hospital and the wider community where we attend other programs and workshops providing patients with information and advice on a range of different topics."

Referrals can be made to the Mater at Home Dietetic Team from other care providers to find out more please call 07 3163 1760 or email

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