International Nurses Day - Three Generations of Nursing

12/May/2021     Education

In 2021, the theme for International Nurses Day is ‘Nurses: A Voice to Lead - A vision for future healthcare’ where we celebrate the important work done by nurses in education, innovation and influencing policy development.

For many people a career in nursing offers many things, rewarding work, secure employment, ability to work anywhere and many opportunities for development and growth however it’s often because of reasons much closer to the heart that can really influence someone’s decision to pursue a career in this industry.

On International Nurses Day we met the Vizer family, three generations of nurses Zara, Alison and Christine all linked with Mater, it is clear to see the ripple effect nursing has had on each generation and the proud history this family has contributing to healthcare.

Zara, the youngest is the daughter of Alison and she recently graduated from Mater Education’s Diploma of Nursing program in 2020 and has begun her journey as an Enrolled Nurse.

“Once I finished high school, I started a degree in Registered Nursing, but I found that the learning style wasn’t quite right for me, especially so early in my career. I wanted to build my confidence in a hands-on way and gain practical experience,” Zara said.

“I was encouraged to study with Mater Education by my mum Alison, who also completed her Diploma of Nursing there as well. I remember when she was studying, she would come home and relay everything she was learning, which she loved, and I loved hearing about.

“I also saw how proud Nanny (Christine) was of mum when she decided to study nursing, and it really made me feel like this was the right path for me, too. The values, the work, and the role suited me perfectly.”

Alison, Zara’s mother and a mature-aged Diploma of Nursing student, decided to pursue study in 2014 once her youngest child was in prep.

“My son was diagnosed as being on the spectrum, and without any sort of prior knowledge about children with higher care needs, I wanted to enter the healthcare field primarily to understand and be able to help my little one through life,” Alison said.

“My mother, Christine, was also a nurse, so growing up I witnessed first-hand the commitment, the lifestyle, the good and the bad of nursing. In fact. Mum actually completed her midwifery training in the 1970’s at Mater. She absolutely loved nursing and made it her career for over 50 years. She was my inspiration.

“Following the completion of my Diploma of Nursing, I completed a degree in Registered Nursing and is working as an RN in Brisbane. I have long term goals to become an educator in the nursing space.”

Christine could not be prouder her daughter and granddaughter have followed in her footsteps and was thrilled they both received training at Mater.

“I have very fond memories of Mater from back in the 70’s, I remember the old Mothers’ Hospital, all the nursing staff used to live up on the 7th floor, it was a wonderful place to work and my husband was a wardsman there,” Christine said.

“Nursing has changed so much since I started my career but it’s so beautiful to see that Mater still holds the same values. I think it’s a place that draws you in and I am sure both girls will return in the future.”

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