Donate now to help save babies just like Moira

02/May/2022     Mater Group

Little Moira doesn’t know about income tax yet.  But she will.

Born at just 23+3 weeks, her lungs were so underdeveloped she would have passed away within minutes, were it not for advanced ventilation technology that automatically adjusted the pressure and oxygen levels for her every precious breath.

Thanks to the outstanding generosity of donors, tiny Moira has not only survived but sis thriving because of tax-deductible donations made to Mater Foundation.

“A premature baby’s lungs are extremely delicate and fragile, and even putting a breathing tube down and using a ventilator can damage them,” Mater Staff Specialist Neonatology Dr Luke Jardine said.

Mater Foundation provides a plethora of support to Mater’s neonatal critical care service, including life-saving equipment for premature babies like Moira.

Every donation of $2 or higher to Mater Foundation is tax deductible, reducing your taxable income and boosting your tax return while helping some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

For Moira’s mum Ashlee, every donation is priceless.

“Donations mean more ventilators, more specialist care and another baby’s life saved,” Ashlee said.

“When you have a premmie, your eyes open to another world…and tragically, some parents have to say goodbye.

“We are among the lucky ones. Our little girl came home.”

Watch Moira’s story here, and head to Mater Foundation to make a tax-deductible donation before June 30.

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