Redland family celebrates nursing legacy

Redland mother Ellie Grieve and her daughters are celebrating a long-held family legacy of caring for others and giving back to their local community this International Nurses Day.

Mater Private Hospital Redland Nurse Unit Manager, Mrs Grieve, was just four years old and lining up her dollies when she decided she wanted to be a nurse and help people.

It is a legacy her daughters Charlotte Galeano and Georgia Grieve are following, and one her young granddaughter, Olive, also aspires to.

Trained as both a nurse and midwife with more than 30 years’ experience, Mrs Grieve said the position came with special and unique privileges that were among “the greatest things that we can ever do for anybody”.

“Handing a baby to the family is absolutely beautiful, and I also think it is an absolute privilege to support families when a pregnancy or birth doesn’t go to plan,” she said.

Mrs Galeano has followed in her mum’s footsteps and is a Registered Nurse who works in cancer care, helping some of the community’s most vulnerable patients.

“I am very mindful that these people have normal lives before they become cancer patients,” Mrs Galeano said.

“They’re mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, daughters and sons, so I try to place myself in their shoes and treat them as I would like to be treated.”

Inspired by watching her mother and sister deliver care to members of their community, Georgia Grieve is paving her own way in healthcare and started work at Mater Private Hospital Redland earlier this year.

“I’m an Administration Officer and I work across a range of areas, including on the wards as a ward clerk and on the front desk where I’m the first person to greet people as they walk into the hospital,” she said.

“These first three months have been amazing – I deal with so many different patients as they come in and it’s very rewarding to feel like I too am contributing to their care.”

Mrs Grieve says she’s proud to work alongside her daughters who are the next generation of healthcare workers.

“It is an honour to see Charlotte working as a nurse, but it is also beautiful to now see how Georgia has so much compassion for patients and their families,” Mrs Grieve said.

International Nurses Day is 12 May and is an opportunity to reflect and show gratitude for the everyday contributions nurses make to the community.

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