Celebrating Volunteer Manager's Day

06/Nov/2020     Mater Group

Across Mater the organisation recognises the outstanding contribution volunteers make to our ministries however, behind these volunteers lies an equally dedicated group of Mater people who are responsible for the coordination, support, training, administration and recruitment of our volunteers.

Our dedicated volunteer management team are comprised of highly skilled professionals who are passionate about supporting the 600 Mater volunteers across South East Qld hospitals and departments.

Every year on 5 November we celebrate International Volunteer Managers Day, an important date where we recognise and thank this team and let them know that they enhance and enable the spirit of volunteerism.

Senior Volunteer Manager Judy Johnson said during the pandemic lockdown Mater volunteer services had to be suspended however the volunteer management team stayed onsite and continued to assist with vital services.

“The pandemic created challenges on many levels, and those of us leading volunteer effort have found ourselves in positions we never imagined. We are so impressed by our volunteers and how they embraced the COVID changes with good grace and enthusiasm,” Judy said.

“We appreciate the support from staff and we remain ready to offer volunteer support whenever and wherever we can.” 

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