Mission moved Magdala back to Mackay

11/Oct/2021     Mater Private Hospital Mackay

Mission has moved Magdala Thorne around Australia for the past 23 years and her lifelong dedication to spirituality has led her to Mater Private Hospital Mackay.

Newly appointed as the hospital’s Mission and Integration Manager, Magdala will be supporting staff as well as patients and their loved ones during what can be their most challenging time in life.

Magdala said she was familiar with the work of the Sisters of Mercy through her late Aunt, who joined the Order of the Sisters of Mercy in 1962, the religious order that established the Mater in Queensland more than a century ago.  

After completing two-year volunteering with National Evangelisation Teams in Mt Gravatt and Hamilton Diocese, New Zealand Magdala moved to Rockhampton in 2000 to 2001. 

Magdala worked closely with some of the Sisters of Mercy at The Cathedral College as a boarding supervisor; while in her spare time also volunteered and helped set up a ministry for the young people, called Life Moves Inc. where some of the support came from the Sisters of Mercy.

Magdala was born in Stanthorpe and raised in Moranbah, two hours south-west of Mackay, and has created a career from working in different roles around Queensland and Australia, always guided by her spirituality.

A florist originally, Magdala has worked in boarding schools and served as a campus minister in Catholic Education. She also completed qualifications to become a beauty therapist.

“I was drawn to do that because I believe that people could feel better about themselves inside and out” she said.

“Most recently, I was in Melbourne for nearly eleven years, where I volunteered in the same parish.  After completing my Bachelor of Ministry in 2019 I assisted with more pastoral and leadership roles within the ministries.”

Magdala was drawn to the role in Mission Integration Manager at the Mater and was excited to take on a new position at a hospital where she could focus on supporting the wellbeing and spirituality of the staff and teams. 

Magdala said she started in her new role three weeks ago and “was inspired by the passion amongst staff to provide the best and most compassionate care possible to patients.”

“My role here is to support staff, to help continue the values and missions of the hospital and encourage the compassion, dignity, and excellence in the daily duties of all with their passionate about work and their life journey.” she said.    

“I am also looking forward to working with all at the hospital whether that be with a light-hearted conversation, or support those who may be feeling lonely or by helping them through grief.”

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