Clarence Street - Area 40

Nestled in the back streets of South Brisbane, behind the Mater Hospital is an important service meeting an unmet need in the community.

Clarence Street is part of the Mater Young Adult Health Centre and is a voluntary, free and confidential service supporting young people aged 13 to 25 to make positive changes to their alcohol and other drug concerns. 

Manager Amanda Tilsie explains Clarence Street is staffed by youth workers, nurses, psychiatrists, social workers, occupational therapists, and psychologists.

“One component of Clarence Street Area 40 which offers multiple support services to young people. Young people can visit Area 40 with any concern related to drug and alcohol concerns for different types of support," Amanda said.

"We have a range of different facilities here including showers, laundry, kitchen and quiet rooms to relax. We also have space for creative activities including art, music, reading and even games which provide an excellent diversion to outside stresses.

“We have a team of youth workers who can manage people who are in crisis and a community health nurse upstairs who can provide everything from vaccinations, sexual health checks and even family support.”

Amanda explains there are several support programs run from Area 40 which include PIVOT which provides vocational training for a Certificate II in hospitality and Job Club which teaches resume writing, interview and interpersonal skills.

There are also specific groups of drug and alcohol concerns like FWD which are group therapy sessions and AXIS which offers one-on-one assistance and can even be conducted off site.  

Amanda said the services provided at Clarence Street are important as they are taking young people off the streets or removing them from situations where they may be vulnerable and unsafe.

"We are able to remove pressure on our emergency service providers and hospitals, however if someone comes in needing medical attention, we are quickly able to get them the help they need," Amanda said.

"Most young people who come to us are needing social support and a safe space and we are proud to be able to provide this to them.

“While they are here we are able to build a trusting relationship with them and gently introduce them to the additional support services available to help them reach their personal goals.”  

To find out more about Clarence Street please call 07 3163 8400 or visit

Public relations contacts

07 3163 6142