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23/Sep/2021     Health

Mater provides a long-term residential support program for young people who have drug and alcohol related concerns to assist with their recovery and prevent relapse.

THREAD is a three-month voluntary residential program where young people aged 17 -25 who have undergone the Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal Service (ADAWS) can enter for further support.

Senior Program Coordinator Nicole Lacey said the THREAD program is very structured however very tailored to what the participants personal goals are.

“When young people enter THREAD, we work together on creating a four-phase program called Base, Build, Explore and Launch to guide their journey with us,” Nicole said.

“We support them to settle into the house, work on their individual goals, connect in with their family and support networks. The next phase allows us to focus on education, employment and life skills working one-on-one with a counsellor.

“Finally, we connect our young people in with their community – this could be additional support services, education and employment preparing them for graduation.”

Nicole explains while the days are structured there is time for recreational and leisure activities including art, music and sport.

“Each person has their own room, which is their personal space and we encourage them to make it their own. We also have shared spaces for activities, kitchen areas and rooms for working and meetings,” Nicole said.

“We also make time to go on outings which can include walks, movies or restaurants and enjoy seeing family and friends come visit as well.

“The THREAD program has been very successful, and we see around a 70 per cent completion rate of the program which is a fantastic commitment for such a long period of time.”

Nicole says it’s wonderful to see participants graduate when you can see the change in their confidence, skills and outlook on life.

To find out more about THREAD please call 07 3163 8400 or visit

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