Flash Back Friday - Loyola House

24/Sep/2021     Mater Group

Loyola House, located on Mater Hill, South Brisbane, was constructed in 1924, but has been situated on its current site since 1926.  

This building, along with its internal elements and French windows, has been labelled as being of “considerable significance” by Brisbane City Council. It is now the home of Mater’s Pastoral Care department.

The photo dates from 1930 and pictured is Father John Robert Fagan. Father Fagan (c.1860-1951) was only the second Mater Chaplain but was the first to live on site. Father Fagan had previously served in Mid Clarence and before this, in Winton.

In Father Fagan “they had one of the most broadminded and capable priests….He did not confine the practice of his religion solely to members of his own church, but was ever willing to assist in any movement for the benefit of the town or district” (The Capricornian, Sat 16 May 1908 p.25)

He served the Mater community for 20 years (1923-1943), providing spiritual guidance and care to Catholic patients, staff and Sisters of Mercy. Every morning at 5am he held Holy Communion in the Public Hospital, followed by Mass in the Convent Chapel at 6.30am to which Sisters of Mercy and any Mater staff could attend.

Holy Communion for Mater Private patients was held at 7am. Ministers of other denominations visited non-Catholic patients who made up more than 50% of all patients.

This service continues to be an important element of our spiritual care of staff, patients and visitors today.

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