Mercy Week – Celebrating compassion in action

19/Sep/2022     Mission

Today marks the start of Mercy Week (19 – 25 September), an annual opportunity to acknowledge the inspiring work of Catherine McAuley, foundress of the Sisters of Mercy.

One of Catherine’s many gifts was her ability to connect people. She was a pragmatic woman who knew that she alone could not have an impact on the lives of those who suffered from the injustice inflicted on the people of Ireland. She needed others to do the work with her. Catherine inspired many young women of her time to join with her and share in her efforts to care for the sick, the lonely, the uneducated and the homeless.

Catherine gave a legacy of action to all of us associated with Mercy organisations.

When we lovingly care for each other and our patients and clients, we are examples of compassion and empathy.  

When we embrace cultural diversity, we are examples of hospitality to others.

When we offer ourselves in service to others and to each other, we build a caring community.

When we show kindness and respect to every person we meet and not just those we know and like, we honour our own dignity as well as the dignity of others.

When we treat creation with tenderness, we sow seeds of hope for all generations to come.

When we strive to address inequality and injustice in our community, we live out Catherine’s dream: that those with more would help those with the least.

Catherine’s legacy continued with the Sisters of Mercy who served and cared for Mater and our community for more than 100 years. In this special video below, Sister Madonna Josey, Sister Jill Stringer, Sister Fay McMeniman, Sister Mary Johnson, Sister Mary King, Sister Sandra Loth, Sister Patricia Kirchner, Sister Carmen Coffey and Sister Colleen Geary reflect on what Mercy means to them and how Mater People today can continue Catherine McAuley’s legacy.

May Catherine continue to inspire us now and into the future.

"You should remember that not to advance is to go back." Catherine McAuley

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