Mater Pharmacy is located within the Mater Health Centre, directly opposite Mater Private Hospital Redland (across the road). This pharmacy offers prescription and dispensary services, as well as supplying medications for hospital inpatients.

For hospital inpatients, the pharmacy has an electronic ordering system so required medicines can be dispensed by our pharmacists and delivered to your hospital room.

To ensure your medications are managed safely while in hospital, a Mater Pharmacist is available to review medications that you have been taking at home. It is important that you bring all your current medications in their original packaging and any current prescriptions. If you take many regular medications, please request a medication list from your local pharmacy and bring this too.

During your stay your specialist doctor may ask you to stop taking your regular medications or prescribe additional medication as part of your treatment plan. For this reason, medications that have been put into a dosette box or Webster pack cannot be used while you are in hospital. This means that new supplies will be required during your hospital stay.