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Changes to visitor restrictions (from 11 September 2021)

Visitor restrictions

  • Anyone who has lived or worked in the Local Government Area of Logan City or the area of Brisbane City Council south of the Brisbane River since 11 September 2021, is not permitted to visit a hospital anywhere in Queensland.
  • Despite these restrictions, these persons may enter a hospital in Queensland if they are:
    • an employee or contractor of the facility
    • providing goods or services necessary for the facility’s operation
    • providing health, medical, pharmaceutical or pathology services to a patient
    • required for emergency management, law enforcement or to comply with a power or function of a government agency or entity
    • maintaining continuity of care for a resident that can’t be delivered by non-contact means – with permission of the facility’s operator
    • attending for an end of life visit.

Any person permitted to enter a restricted hospital must not enter, or remain on, the premises without wearing a single use surgical face mask. A person does not have to wear a mask if it will create a risk to their health or safety.

Please visit the individual facility pages for further information on all Mater hospitals across Queensland.

Mask wearing at Mater (11 September 2021)

Queensland's Chief Health Officer has confirmed that face masks are required to be worn at all times. 

Children under 12 do not need to wear a mask, nor those with a physical condition or illness that makes wearing one unsuitable.

We appreciate your support through these changes to keep us all safe. We will continue to keep you updated if there are any revisions to the above requirements.

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