Our occupational therapists can assist with:

Our occupational therapists are skilled at helping you to be as independent and safe as possible in your own home. Occupational therapists will work with you to return to daily activities after an injury or illness. We can also help you to maintain or improve the way you complete important tasks (mobility). We help you to create goals for your health and work towards them.

  • home safety reviews and modifications (major and minor)
  • equipment prescription (including MASS and NDIS)
  • assessment, prescription and training for assistive devices and aides
  • activities of daily living (ADL) assessment and retraining
  • assessments for NDIS (including Functional reports for SIL/SDA applications and Assistive Technology applications)
  • pressure care
  • cognitive assessments
  • community access

Paediatric Occupational Therapy
Mater at Home also offer specialised support to those aged three to 14 years with paediatric occupational therapy

  • helping to build a child’s independence in daily life at home, daycare, school and the community. This is achieved through personalised assessment and therapy with families
  • supporting the development of a child’s cognitive, play, fine motor and self-help skills within the home and school environments. This is to assist them to participate in family and community activities to the best of their ability
  • specialised upper limb therapy for children with Cerebral Palsy
  • promoting the development of social skills and engagement abilities
  • understanding a child’s sensory processing needs and developing their self-regulation abilities
  • problem-solving toileting difficulties
  • enabling and supporting children to return to school following lengthy hospital admissions
  • equipment prescription and training
  • home modifications (minor)