Our psychologists can assist with:

We all feel overwhelmed at times, but sometimes we need extra support to move forward and tackle the bigger issues on your mind. Our team of psychologists provide support for issues of stress or adjustment associated with:

  • the impact of ageing
  • chronic health conditions
  • acute health conditions or events
  • limited or changing mobility, and
  • providing care to another person.

Short to medium term psychology services are available to assist with understanding and managing situations, behaviours and relationships with a person's current life circumstances, or those associated with providing care to another person. This may include:

  • management of stress, anxiety and depression associated with a change in health status
  • support with adjusting to changes in health, mobility or life circumstances;
  • complex grief, bereavement and trauma issues
  • support to engage in medical treatment or therapeutic recommendations
  • management of pain and sleep difficulties, and
  • the development of strategies to improve quality of life.

Mater at Home psychologists do not provide services for primary mental health issues, complex mental health issues requiring assessment or long term care where a mental health team is required, high risk of suicide or serious self-harm, and/or management of substance use/abuse.