Musculoskeletal and Orthopaedic Services

Our team can help you recover from work, sport, accident and illness related injury. No referral is required.

We are registered to provide WorkCover, DVA and Medicare Chronic Disease Management services.


Physiotherapists are experts in movement analysis, diagnosis and rehabilitation and are a great support in the recovery process. 

Our highly skilled physiotherapy team deliver a range of treatments including:

  • pain relief techniques including massage, dry needling and taping
  • movement support techniques including mobilisation and stretching
  • individualised rehabilitation programs to restore function
  • customised strengthening programs to support your return to work and recreation
  • expert advice and education tailored to your individual recovery needs

When you consult with a Mater physiotherapist you will receive a comprehensive, hands-on assessment of your movement problem, as well as a personalised treatment plan within the first appointment.  If required, your physiotherapist can also refer you to see other health professionals within Mater Health and Wellness as part of your ongoing treatment and rehabilitation