Moving forward with ACT - Week 2
From 28-11-2022 9:30 AM
To 28-11-2022 1:00 PM

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) was designed to be applied to a range of challenges life throws at us, including those that don’t fit into neat diagnostic categories. Studies have shown that ACT is particularly helpful in reducing rates of depression, anxiety, chronic pain and addictions.


1. To provide an understanding of the core concept of ACT: accepting what is out of your personal control and committing to actions that improves and enriches your life.

2. To provide skills to handle difficult thoughts and feelings, identifying values and taking action towards your goals. To increase awareness and empowerment related to therapies.

3. To provide a supportive group setting to learn and practice skills, where young adults can support each other’s learning and motivation for change.

On completion:

Participants will receive a certificate of recognition for:

1. Improved ability to handle difficult thoughts and feelings that are an inevitable part of life.

2. Acquired skills including cognitive defusion and greater flexibility, acceptance and living in the present, defining personal values of importance and how to take action towards goals.

How to enrol: Book an appointment with your GP to request a referral letter addressed “to the Psychiatrist of the Recovery College” and this can be sent to the Emotional Health Unit via email: EHU.Private@mater.org.au
An appointment with a Psychiatrist will then be arranged to organise enrolment into relevant modules.

Cost: This module can be funded by private health insurance. The Emotional Health Unit will do a health fund check and let you know if you are appropriately covered. Modules can also be also be self-funded, please contact the Recovery College at the Emotional Health Unit to discuss further.


Recovery College, Emotional Health Unit, Level 7, Salmon Building