Women, babies and beyond 

Mater is committed to caring for women through every chapter of their life. We are a strong advocate for women putting their health and wellbeing first, with Mater specialists and services supporting them and their families every step of the way. 

Our collective expertise from health, education and research contribute to Mater being the largest maternity service in Australia and a leading provider of gynaecological oncology and breast cancer services in Queensland. 

Whether you are an expectant mother or going through your cancer journey, Mater's dedicated and experienced team will provide holistic and personalised care throughout all stages of your Mater journey.

Women's cancers

From diagnosis to remission, our expert gynaecologists, oncologists, nurses and allied health support women and their families every step of the way. Holistic and individualised patient plans are central to our compassionate care for women experiencing gynaecologic or breast cancer.

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Mothers and babies

Since 1960, Mater Mothers' Hospitals have been privileged to play a special role in many families' beautiful moments everyday.

Mater Mothers is one of Australia’s largest and most experienced maternity service providers, with five leading private maternity hospitals across Queensland and a leading public maternity hospital in South Brisbane. 

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International Women's Day Fun Run

Support women with breast cancer for the 2024 International Women's Day Fun Run. Whether you are participating for yourself or someone in your life who has been impacted by breast cancer, be a part of the Sea of Pink to raise vital research funds. 


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