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Your admission to Mater Private Hospital Brisbane

Staff at Mater understand that coming to hospital can be an unsettling experience therefore aim to provide exceptional care, from preadmission through to discharge.

Preparing for your admission

Prior to your hospital admission you will have the opportunity to complete some of the preadmission paperwork and investigations with the dedicated Preadmission Clinic team, either in person or over the phone.

The Preadmission Clinic offers exceptional individualised care and is committed to enhancing your hospital experience by providing education, information and support to you before your procedure or operation.

The aim of the clinic is to offer you the opportunity to clarify anything you are uncertain about and for clinic staff to obtain the information needed to ensure your safe and optimal care whilst a guest at Mater Private Hospital Brisbane.

During your preadmission consultation your needs will be assessed by experienced nursing staff. If you require special services during your stay, these will be arranged for you, just let the Preadmission Clinic staff know. You will have the opportunity to discuss your health and medication history, and raise any concerns about your upcoming admission to hospital.

Discharge information and advice is available from the Preadmission Clinic. You are encouraged to discuss any concerns about your discharge from hospital as soon as possible so your discharge plan can be developed.

The Preadmission Clinic is conveniently located on the level 6, Mater Private Hospital  Brisbane and is open Monday to Friday 8 am to 6 pm.

If you have any concerns prior to your admission, please contact the clinic staff on 07 3163 3740.

What to bring to hospital

Please remember to bring the following with you to hospital:

  • any request forms from your specialist e.g. Blood test or X-ray referrals

  • your completed admission information guide, if you already have one

  • a list of your current medications

  • comfortable pyjamas and clothes if you don’t want to wear hospital gowns

  • slippers

  • please do not bring any valuables with you to hospital, however there is a security safe at each bedside if required.

What to do on the day of your admission

On your day of admission please present at the time requested to the reception area that has been advised in your Preadmission Guide. Please note the requested time is your admission time, this is not your operation or procedure time. You have been asked to arrive at this time to allow for any necessary preoperative requirements.

The Preadmission Clinic and Welcome Lounge are the first steps in your clinical care journey, and are designed for the care and comfort of every patient before surgery.

The Welcome Lounge is a sanctuary custom designed with your health and wellbeing in mind. The cosy cocoon style seating ensures you’re rested and relaxed prior to your procedure. Our friendly staff will provide directions for your relative or friend to relax in one of the several coffee shops and lounges located in the hospital. We will ensure our staff have a mobile number for your relative or friend to make sure they can be contacted.

Emergency admissions

Mater Private Emergency Care Centre is run by experienced emergency medical practitioners and qualified emergency nursing staff for patients with emergency conditions requiring assessment and treatment.

Our centre is fully equipped to triage all paediatric and adult patients with access to onsite specialists, X-ray, Mater Private CardioVascular Unit, pathology and if necessary admission to hospital for further tests or a procedure in theatre.

Mater Private Emergency Care Centre and Mater Private CardioVascular Unit are closely linked to the Mater Private Coronary Care Unit providing a level of care that is second to none for people with cardiac and vascular related illness.