As a leading Health service organisation, Mater is committed to appointing health practitioners who are suitably experienced, trained and qualified to practise in a competent and ethical manner as our partners in clinical excellence.

To achieve this, we have a system in place to confirm a health practitioner’s credentials and accredit their scope of practice – credentialing.

As partners in the delivery of our Mission, our Credentialed Practitioners are expected to deliver high-quality, low-variability, evidence-based care for all patients each and every time.

If you are a health practitioner and are interested in applying for credentialing at Mater, please contact our Credentialing Office for more information at or telephone 07 3163 2329.


The Mater Misericordiae Ltd By-Laws have been in place since 1 November 2002, to support our commitment to clinical excellence in the context of our Ministry of the Catholic Church, guided by the Spirit of the Sisters of Mercy.

In 2014, we became part of Mercy Partners which has church governance of several ministries in healthcare, community care and education.

The Mater By-Laws have been created in support of Mater’s goal to provide the highest standards of clinical excellence, and in line with the organisation’s Mission, Vision and Values.

These By-Laws apply to our hospitals and any other health services established and operated by Mater, including those established by Mater in the future.

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