It’s never been more important for businesses to minimise their environmental impact.

That's why we've worked hard to champion sustainable thinking and embed it into every layer of our organisation.

At Mater, we take our responsibility to the environment very seriously so we've embarked on a wide variety of initiatives to transform the way we manage our waste, energy and water usage. We've also greatly improved our sustainability credentials by making changes in the fields of procurement, facilities design and transport.

Our sustainability program

As a large organisation, it’s important that we find ways to responsibly manage our consumption of resources and reduce our impact on the environment. The Sustainability at Mater program, introduced in 2007, does exactly that.  Since its inception, we’ve implemented over 190 green initiatives across a diverse range of themes, all of which are designed to benefit current and future generations.

Research and Evaluation

Mater’s participation in research collaborations is reinforcing our evidence-based approach to embedding environmentally sustainable thinking into ‘business as usual’ activities. Research collaborations have been conducted with Griffith University, The University of Queensland and the University of Leeds.


Our sustainability objectives
What we’ve achieved so far
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