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Aubigny Place The spiritual power of healing inspired the Sisters of Mercy to pioneer public health services in Brisbane by funding their services to the poor from the revenue of the first Mater Private Hospital, established in 1906.

Continuing to provide compassionate healthcare in response to changing community needs, Mater Health Services now includes three hospitals for uninsured patients and four private hospitals, caring for more than half a million patients each year.

Hospitals for non-insured patients

In accordance with its Mission to "offer compassionate service to the sick and needy" Mater Health Services provides a quality healthcare facility for uninsured patients. Mater Adult Hospital, Mater Children's Hospital and Mater Mothers' Hospital provide a breadth of service that ensures peace of mind and security for our growing community.

Today, Mater hospitals are at the forefront of clinical excellence and are always developing new methods, practices and techniques for better patient outcomes. Mater hospitals have a reputation of international acclaim for world-leading healthcare advances and the individual hospitals are regularly acknowledged for their outstanding contributions to healthcare.

Taking advantage of on-site research and education facilities, staff at Mater hospitals have access to the most advanced and innovative techniques for management of illnesses and disease, as well as information about cutting-edge techniques in medical and surgical procedures.

For information about obtaining an appointment with a specialist at Mater Adult Hospital please visit our patient referral Frequently Asked Questions page for more information. Please view our policy of patient rights and responsibilities before coming to hospital.

Private hospitals

Mater Private Hospital Brisbane is one of Australia's leading acute medical and surgical private hospitals, offering a range of general and specialised services in comfortable, hotel-like surroundings. The 320 bed facility offers 24 hour emergency care, an intensive care unit, a coronary care unit, breast cancer centre, ten operating theatres, a health assessment centre, an endoscopy service, a rehabilitation unit, a sleep disorders unit, and a movement disorders service.

The 40 suites in the Mater Medical Centre accommodate a wide range of medical specialists, allied health practitioners and a Haematology/Oncology Day Centre.

Mater Private Clinic contains 39 medical suites and is connected directly to Mater Private Hospital via three levels of a Link Building. The combined facilities of the Clinic and Link Building include four floors of specialist suites, additional patient beds, operating theatres, an expanded day procedure unit, Mater Private Annerley Road campus and several ground floor retail outlets.

In September 2000, Mater Private Hospital Brisbane extended its services to Brisbane's bayside community with the establishment of Mater Private Hospital Redland. This 60 bed, acute private hospital is collocated with Redland Public Hospital in Cleveland and offers a range of medical, surgical and obstetric services with day surgery and overnight accommodation options.

Please view our policy of patient rights and responsibilities before coming to hospital.