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Mater Health Centres

Since the establishment of the first Mater hospital in 1906, Mater has always sought to meet the healthcare needs of the community. As the Queensland population has continued to grow and expand to new areas, Mater has grown and expanded with it.

In 2010, Mater commenced a strategy to provide non-hospital health services for developing communities.

Mater Health Centres provide opportunities for people to access exceptional care within their local area. Through a partnership approach to providing relevant education, research and health services in the local community, Mater is helping to improve and maintain wellness.

Aside from the obvious benefit of building a healthy community, this helps to reduce demand on tertiary hospital services and limits the need for people to travel outside of their community for care.

Each of our Mater Health Centres provides services which are specifically relevant for the community they serve. You can find out more about an individual Mater Health Centre using the links below.