For a safer Mater community

Mater Health is committed to meeting the healthcare needs of the community.  This means we always seek to provide the highest standard of care, look for better ways to deliver healthcare, improve people's health and live up to our values.

As part of Mater’s SafeQuest program in South East Queensland, the website provides safety and quality performance data from all our hospitals, covering a range of key measures including infection control, falls prevention, medication management and emergency care.  

Each year, Mater Health also publishes a report into clinical safety and quality which describes the main aspects of Mater's patient safety program and shares the story of patient experiences, including how Mater manages and learns from patient complaints.

SafeQuest—for a safer Mater community is an organisation-wide safety program which calls on all Mater people—including staff, patients and visitors, to speak up for safety and commit to a safety culture.

It is a combination of safety initiatives, risk management strategies and communication programs which aim to address priority issues and build on the culture of safety across the entire Mater community.

Mater is one of the first private hospitals in Australia to broadly publish its safety data further reinforcing our commitment to providing exceptional care.

1 Clinical Governance
2 Partnering with consumers
3 Preventing and Controlling Infections
4 Medication Safety
5 Comprehensive Care
6 Communicating for Safety Standard
7 Blood management
8 Recognising and responding to acute deterioration