Thank a nurse or midwife

To acknowledge our exceptional staff on International Midwives’ Day (5 May) and International Nurses Day (12 May), you can post your message of thanks to one or all of our hard working nurses and midwives at Mater. Help us celebrate their contribution to the health and wellbeing of our community.

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To: Chris, Bernie, Danielle, Penny, Emma, Lisa

Mater Private Hospital Rockhampton

Thank you for your support, knowledge and looking after me and my babies (Emmett and Elliot) delivered in 2018 and 2020. You deserve all the recognition! Also although not a midwife, the young woman with red hair who served supper (Sept 2020) was incredibly polite and always asked how my day was and was actually interested in my answer. Thank you

From: Leisa Busk
To: Gai-Maree

Mater Mothers' Hospital

Thank you Gai-Maree for making the birth of our first baby 2 weeks ago a wonderful experience. We will never forget you.

From: Tess
To: All the Midwives at Redlands Mater

Mater Private Hospital Redland

Thank you to all you beautiful midwives from Mater Private Redlands!! You supported me - a single mum by choice - to help me begin motherhood with my first, and then second child! They are both now healthy strong children and you gave me the strength to help me become the mum I wanted to be for them!!❤️👩‍👧‍👦

From: Emma Horvath
To: Nina van Zijl

Mater Mothers' Hospital

Thank you Nina for everything you do! You are an incredibly hard working person and MMH is lucky to have you as apart of their team!

From: Harriet
To: Naomi and Melinda

Mater Mothers' Hospital

Thanks for being such great support during my pregnancy, birth and postpartum!

From: Tiffany
To: Tess & Olivia (bioc)

Mater Mothers' Hospital

I had 2 very different births within 11 months at mater south Brisbane under the bioc group and my midwives were amazing! Olivia and Tess delivered my two girls but also made me feel seen culturally and made me feel so very comfortable while suffering with anxiety, I want to thank them from the bottom of heart for helping me every step of the way!

From: Maddison Crowther
To: Terry Cameron

Mater Hospital Brisbane

Thank you for all of your support and care during both of my pregnancies, labours and beyond. You always made me feel heard and I appreciated your calm nature.

From: Jacqui
To: Marine Pacquier

Mater Mothers' Hospital

I cannot thank you enough for the support you gave me during my son’s birth in the assessment centre last October, for getting me through his delivery drug free, and for doing everything you could to get us home 4 hours later (as we wanted to). I will honestly never forget it and will be forever grateful.

From: Rachael O’Brien
To: Maria Twine

Mater Mothers' Hospital

An angel in every sense of the word. She advocated for me, held my hand, let me cry, let me be vulnerable, encouraged me and supported me. She played a special part the day my daughter was born, she’ll never realise to what extent! I’d have another baby just so she could be my midwife 🙊

From: Joni
To: Nicole Peno

Mater Mothers' Hospital

A woman who is in the right profession. She loves, she cares, she listens, she knows, she advocates and she inspires! Anyone would be lucky to have her around!

From: Joni Mills
To: Janet Spragg

Mater Mothers' Private Brisbane

Thank you for supporting me when Madden was in Special care and I was longing for him, your compassion, support and care has never left me 3 years on.. you never forget someone’s kindness, my time with you was one.

From: Steph Holt
To: Jenny, Grace, Kath and everyone

Mater Mothers' Hospital

Thank you for being the light and comfort on our darkest days and seeing us on the board and cheering us on for our PAL journeys.Ellas the proudest sister to her angel Hendrix but now also to River nearly 4 Hali nearly 3 and FiFi nearly 1 .Your faces and well wishes are cherished. The kindest nurturing midwives to grace us in our stays. God bless

From: Stacey and Tu
To: Barb and Dani

Mater Mothers' Hospital

So glad we met and had you on our journey to now. So grateful for you both. To do what you do for so many families thank you and god bless .

From: Stacey
To: Jean Norcott?

Mater Mothers' Hospital

For being a super woman of a midwife during COVID in PAC unit, amazing human, thank you for your TLC and compassion.

From: Stacey Bailey
To: All the beautiful Midwives

Mater Mothers' Private Rockhampton

To all the amazing midwives who cared for my two beautiful daughters Georgia and Charlotte and myself throughout our birthing journey! You are truly etched in to my memory! Look forward to seeing you all in July for baby no.3 :-)

From: Stacy Geissler
To: Barb (MFM)

Mater Mothers' Hospital

Thank you for being there for me every step of the way this pregnancy. You have calmed me at times, cried with me, laughed with me, organised everything for me and most importantly - you will be by my side during my c section this month, which has me a bit more relaxed. I could not have been any luckier to have you as my first long term midwife! Xx

From: Amy Lloyd
To: Deanna Ward

Mater Private Hospital Townsville

Thank you for supporting us in maternity!

To: Bev

Mater Mothers' Private Rockhampton

You have been there for both of my birthing journeys, for my baby with wings and my rainbow baby. Your calm, informative and no nonsense approach gave me security in both experiences. I thank you for taking such care with both of my sons, for teaching us how to breastfeed and my partner how to swaddle. You are amazing.

From: Melanie Dansie
To: Juanita

Mater Mothers' Private Rockhampton

Thank you for your calming influence during the birth of my son Greyson. I knew I could trust you from the moment I walked through the doors. We are sorry for covering you in birth goo and Greyson peeing on you twice. Hooray for scrubs! If you are ever having a bad day, remember that we are grateful for you and all you do!

From: Melanie Dansie
To: Bettina, Bernie and Anna

Mater Mothers' Private Rockhampton

Our lovely midwives Bettina, Bernie and Anna were absolute treasures during the labour and birth of our three children. We will never forget them or the support they gave us during this amazing time as new parents! Our children Everett (3years), Kennedy (2 years) and Jed (3 months) will hear all about you too! Keep up the amazing work Ladies.

From: Rebecca & Tim Poole
To: Sally Brunton

Mater Mothers' Hospital

Thank you for making my pregnancy and birthing experiences for 3 of my babies so amazing. You valued my opinion and advocated for me. I won't forget all you have done. Thank you for running out and delivering baby Josie in my car! What a superstar! You are the gold standard of midwives!

From: Rebecca Goodwin
To: Courtney Holmes

Mater Mothers' Hospital

Thank you for being such an amazing midwife! Any mumma would be so lucky to have you deliver their baby ❣️

From: Amelia Medland
To: Mater Townsville Team

Mater Private Hospital Townsville

To the best team of midwives - thankyou for being kind, caring and compassionate. You're all amazing.

From: Sarah Wilkinson
To: Michele Burge

Mater Private Hospital Townsville

Thankyou for being so kind and caring. We love you.

From: Jenny Williamson
To: Charlotte Powell

Mater Mothers' Private Brisbane

Thank you Charlotte for your exceptional care for Elijah & I during our stay. You’ll always be part of our memory from our time at Mater Mothers.

From: Felicity Rice
To: Midwifes and Nurses

Mater Mothers' Hospital

Thank you for all your effort and support to deliver my little one on April 10. I don’t know how much I am thankful to all the staff at maters mother hospital. 😍😍😍

From: Resmi

Mater Mothers' Hospital

I gave birth to a baby boy in June last year. The midwives and all the staff were incredible. Such exceptional care was given to me and my baby. The way staff adjusted to doing antenatal classes online was so professional and so much support was given. I left hospital feeling so blessed to have had such a wonderful birthing experience. Thank you

From: Rebecca
To: Danielle Kolb

Mater Mothers' Hospital

Thank you Dani for being such an amazing support with both pregnancies!

From: Hazel Martin
To: Courtney

Mater Mothers' Private Brisbane

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy night and helping properly establish breastfeeding with us, that helped us so much and 3 months later we are still going strong! Out of the many midwives that looked after us during our stay we will always remember you and the exceptional care you provided. You made such a difference!

From: Jacinta McDonald
To: Dani (MFM)

Mater Hospital Brisbane

A huge thank you to you Dani for everything during my last weeks of pregnancy at the Mater. Thanks for being so caring and accomodating and always putting my mind at ease! I couldn’t have asked to see a better midwife.

From: Jade A
To: Courtney

Mater Mothers' Hospital

I would like to say thank you to Courtney who started me off in the birthing suite on 10th April. Although she finished her shift 2 hours before my girl was delivered at 1:08am on 11th April, her support during those first crucial hours was amazing. Thank you Courtney. I wish you all the best in the future as a mother & midwife. From The Siqueiras

From: Erin Siqueira
To: Belinda

All Hospitals

I’d like to say a BIG thank you to Belinda Pitt who was with me for the delivery of our daughter Isla Harley on 11th April at 1:08am. Her calm, reassuring & encouraging disposition made me feel so supported & confident to deliver my baby girl. I can’t thank her enough. Midwives are angels on Earth. We’ve loved both our experiences at the Mater.

From: Erin Siqueira
To: ICU staff & 10N staff

Mater Private Hospital Brisbane

Thank you to all the Mater Private staff in ICU and Ward 10 North and my surgeon Professor Andrew Barbour. Your great care, professionalism and compassion has made this difficult time for me and my family so much more bearable. We deeply appreciate all that you have done.

From: Peter Furlong