Supported from the start

Our staff understand that coming to hospital can be an unsettling experience; therefore it’s our aim is to provide a high level of support and exceptional care, from preadmission through to discharge.

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What to bring to hospital

To help make your stay as pleasant as possible it is important that you bring the following items with you on your day of admission:

  • Patient Details form.
  • All your regular tablets, medicines and inhalers in their original packet and any current prescriptions you have.
  • All x-rays and scans relating to your procedure.
  • Medicare card, DVA card, Safety Net card, Pensioner card, Pharmacy card, health benefits card, as needed.
  • A certified copy of your power of attorney or advanced health directive, if you have one.
  • Pack a bag with comfortable clothing that is not too long or loose. If you are staying overnight also bring sleepwear and toiletries.
  • Comfortable, low-heeled and non-slip shoes that fit you well.
  • Any personal items you use such as prescription glasses, walking aids and hearing aids.
  • If you use a CPAP machine please bring this with you, along with any medical documents relating to your sleep apnoea or CPAP machine. This is still necessary even if you are not staying overnight in hospital.

Please do not bring any valuables with you to hospital, however there is a security safe at each bedside if required.

Day of admission
After your procedure
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