Mater welcomes new cohort of physiotherapy graduates

28/Feb/2020     Health

Mater has welcomed the newest cohort of graduate physiotherapists to the South Brisbane campus; Georgia Marcus, Katie Byrom, Elizabeth Blazek and Nadia Salvati have shared what motivated them to pursue physiotherapy as a career and what they love about their roles. 

Georgia Marcus explains she always wanted to work in a health and medical related field finding Mater provided the perfect mix of services. 

“I am really interested in working in the women’s health space of physiotherapy. Mater has a really strong team with excellent physiotherapists providing training and guidance, we have great support and we feel very comfortable in the team,” Georgia said.  

Also drawn to a health-related career was Katie who started out working in health policy but she was drawn to physiotherapy because of the interpersonal element of the role allowing her to connect with patients.

“I love connecting with people and helping them to achieve their goals, I have been really drawn to paediatric physiotherapy. Mater has a great reputation for physiotherapists so I’m glad I am able to work here,” Katie said.

Following in the footsteps of her mother, Elizabeth always knew she wanted to pursue a career in physiotherapy, as did her sister, making it the number one career choice in her family.

“My mum always found her job very rewarding so I knew that’s what I wanted too and I have never looked back. I am interested in women’s health and cardiorespiratory physiotherapy, I am really enjoying it and I feel part of the team,” Elizabeth said.

Unable to sit still in school Nadia’s mother told her she needed to find a job that kept her busy and moving throughout the day so physiotherapy seemed the perfect fit.

“After fracturing my foot, I worked with a physiotherapist on my rehabilitation and I saw the importance it has for a patient’s recovery. I am interested in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and women’s health also,” Nadia said.

Director Physiotherapy Services Siona Hardy said the Mater invests a great deal of training and support in their graduate physiotherapists as they want them to grow and achieve their career goals.

“We have extended the graduate rotation from 12 to 24 months allowing them more time in the hospital to learn and develop their skills. We have a very strong team of graduates this year and we are so proud of the work they are doing,” Siona said.  

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