Mater launches national pregnancy and parenting website, Bub Hub

27/Oct/2021     HealthMater Group

Today marks a new milestone in Mater’s maternity and paediatric services with the launch of Bub Hub—a trusted online community forum that has been supporting millions of Australian families for more than 20 years and will allow Mater's trusted expertise to be more accessible to parents and parents-to-be across Australia.

For the first time, Mater’s network of leading clinicians, researchers and educators will be able to share their latest findings, innovations and achievements with a national audience of parents and parents-to-be.

Bub Hub is Australia’s leading pregnancy and parenting website, attracting millions of visits each year. It will allow Mater to share its expertise for the first time with a national audience, reaching millions of Australian families during a time when COVID is driving parents online to find support and answers relating to their pregnancy and parenting questions.

Mater Executive Director of External Relations, Marketing and Engagement, Jane Schmitt, said Bub Hub enabled Mater to connect and share expertise with parents across the country on one single community platform for the first time.

“Some of Mater’s leading doctors and clinicians will contribute and lead forum discussions, enhancing the platform’s credibility with their evidence-based knowledge and extensive expertise,” she said.

Ms Schmitt said Bub Hub, a trusted source of information for Australian families for more than two decades, would also enable Mater to stay abreast of what matters most to Australian parents.

Mater Director of Mothers, Babies and Women’s Health Services, Dr Mike Beckmann, said Bub Hub provided families with a credible, reputable channel for information, as well as a community of parents with similar interests and concerns.

“The journey from conception to early parenting can be both exciting and overwhelming, particularly in a COVID environment, and it’s important that every mum and dad has the opportunity to access the answers and support they’re seeking,” he said.

Today marks a new chapter for Mater as well as an exciting opportunity for expectant mums and dads around Australia.

We look forward to connecting with parents to help develop new and innovative ways to improve the healthcare of our community, both today and for generations to come.

For more information visit Bub Hub.



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