Diabetes and Endocrinology

Diabetes is a life-long multifaceted condition, best treated with the support of a multi-disciplinary team.    

The Queensland Diabetes and Endocrine Centre team of trained health professionals are experienced and well qualified in the care, treatment and management of diabetes and endocrine conditions. Our staff are dedicated to providing evidence based quality care. The multidisciplinary team regularly reviews and evaluates treatment and services in order to achieve the best possible health outcomes for patients. The centre also bench marks its services against other national and international diabetes services to ensure that the care we provide is not only exceptional, but accurate and relevant as technologies and treatment options continue to advance and improve for people living with diabetes and endocrine conditions.

The Queensland Diabetes and Endocrinology multidisciplinary team includes:

  • Consultant endocrinologists
  • Credentialed diabetes educators
  • Accredited practicing dietitians
  • Consultant psychiatrist
  • Psychologists
  • Podiatrist
  • Pathology technician
  • Administrative staff

Working with your local health care professionals, particularly the local general practitioner (GP), the team ensures continuity of care within the community setting.

In addition to supporting you with diabetes, we also provide specialist care and support for patients with endocrine conditions including osteoporosis, thyroid disease, hypertension and pituitary disorders.

The Queensland Diabetes and Endocrine Centre has a longstanding commitment and involvement in medical and nursing research. This includes participation in clinical trials, sharing knowledge and research outcomes at professional conferences, forums and workshops (nationally and internationally) and having ‘home grown’ research outcomes published in leading medical publications. This dedication to research comes from our team's commitment to improve the lives of those living with diabetes and endocrine conditions.

We have a number of research projects presently in action. These include projects looking at identifying psychosocial issues to inform models of care in young adults, Insulin pump therapy service delivery and various joint projects between Queensland Health and Mater Health to standardise diabetes care pathways.

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Phone us on 07 3163 2500 or use the following email link.

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Our education programs

Diabetes self-management skills and knowledge are essential to living well with diabetes. The multi-disciplinary team including experienced Credentialed Diabetes Educator’s and Accredited Practicing Dietitian’s are dedicated to providing comprehensive and innovative diabetes education programs—considering the specific needs and learning styles of each individual and their care givers/families. Our staff work with each individual patient to identify their unique learning needs, formulating a plan or goals in relation to these needs and importantly developing strategies to achieve these goals.

Education may be delivered in individual and group settings. The Queensland Diabetes and Endocrinlogy Centre also tailor education to the specific cultural needs of the individual and offers the assistance of qualified interpreters for those from non-English speaking back grounds.

Our staff are qualified to deliver education concerning a wide variety of treatment and management options. We are an accredited provider of the DAFNE Program (Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating) and conducts these programs regularly throughout the year. The team are well qualified in delivering training for those commencing insulin pump therapy and continuous glucose monitoring. We also offer an insulin stabilisation service incorporating phone and email consultations for those new to insulin injection therapy or those in the process of fine tuning their insulin doses.

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