It's who we are

We are our Mission. For more than a century, we have existed to respond to unmet community need; to provide compassionate care to those who need it most. Our Mission and values are our constant guide to make appropriate decisions for a sustainable, socially relevant service that is genuinely committed to the delivery of a healthy community for everyone.

Our Mission

In the spirit of the Sisters of Mercy, Mater offers compassionate service to the sick and needy, promotes an holistic approach to healthcare in response to changing community needs and fosters high standards of health-related education and research.

Following the example of Christ the healer, we commit ourselves to offering these services without discrimination.

Changing frontiers into familiar ground

As a Catholic ministry of Mercy Partners, we are committed to a holistic approach to healthcare in response to changing community needs. To serve this Mission we must also initiate and embody change, but why we do so never changes—for God and humanity.

Our endeavours in health, education and research continue to transform frontiers into familiar ground. Our concerted pursuit of innovation—to discover, improve, adopt, and adapt—makes participating in change at Mater exciting and fulfilling. Innovation may be an advance in technique, technology, or system but for our consumers, such innovations mean improvements in their health, their sense of wellbeing and their quality of life.

In delivering the healing ministry of Jesus we not only respond to, but actively seek to support individuals and families disadvantaged by health or social circumstances. 

Our integrated Mission program ensures our values and the Catholic Church's guidelines for ethical healthcare practice are reflected in all that we do. By staying true to this counsel and working in partnership with the community, we continue to effect and embrace change.

We continue to inspire and be inspired by those we seek to help.