Specialist advice in 2 days not 2 years

Mater Hospital Brisbane offers a ‘Request for Advice’ (RFA) service to support GPs wanting access to specialist general medicine, endocrinology and dermatology advice on diagnostic and/or treatment options for their patients.

This is not a referral to Mater, but is a request for timely clinical advice which may eliminate the need for a specialist face-to-face outpatient consultation.

The service uses a secure messaging platform and is asynchronous. GPs will receive feedback from the Mater eConsultant team within 3 business days.

Mater eConsultant is easily accessed using a template set up within the practice software system. Email: michelle.tsai2@mater.org.au details of your practice software system and you will be sent the eConsultant templates to install.

How Mater eConsultant works

To access the Request for Advice service GPs should follow the following steps:

  • Once installed the eConsultant template (Dermatology, Endocrinology or General Medicine) is selected while in the patient file.
  • The template is auto-populated with patient details, medical history, and pathology etc.
  • Include 1-2 specific questions for the specialist. Images are sent as a pdf.
  • Send 

Meet our eConsultants

Mater has expanded the scope of our eConsultant program in 2023, with dermatology and endocrinology specialists available, in addition to general medicine.

  • Professor David McIntyre trained in endocrinology in Australia and Belgium and is the Senior Staff Specialist in Endocrinology and Obstetric Medicine at the Mater and specialises in the medical complications of pregnancy.
  • Associate Professor Jim Muir qualified as a specialist dermatologist in 1994 and is the Director of the Department of Dermatology at the Mater
  • Dr Narelle Fagermo has extensive experience as a hospital-based general medicine specialist at the Mater Hospital, reviewing and treating patients with chronic and complex conditions.


For more information

For further information, please contact Caroline Nicholson - caroline.nicholson@mater.uq.edu.au or Jenny Job - j.job@mater.uq.edu.au