Mater strategy—towards 2025

In July 2019, a single Board of Governance was established to unify all Mater hospitals and health services across Queensland. This change reiterates our fundamental commitment to the Mission of Catholic healthcare and provision of accessible and affordable health services to all Queenslanders. Each hospital, facility and service now has the backing of a broader, more powerful network of support and greater scope to achieve the best outcomes for the community.

Our Mater Strategy guides how we will achieve our vision: Empowering people to live better lives through improved health and wellbeing. The Strategy was supported by our new Board in February 2020 and is now the foundation for an exciting future for Mater People and our consumers.

Our commitment to our Mission compels us to change as the needs of our community and the environment in  which we operate are changing. This means moving beyond the hospital, the classroom and the laboratory,  being closer to our consumers and delivering new products, programs and services to meet emerging community needs.

The Mater Strategy outlines how we will ensure we can stay true to our Mission and Catholic identity and remain relevant for the coming decade, and beyond. It speaks to our continued commitment to excellence across our core service areas and acknowledges the need to move into new spaces which leverage our unique capabilities.
Our consumers, whether they be scientists, doctors, researchers, teachers, donors, visitors, students, friends, philanthropists, politicians, nurses, midwives or online shoppers, need to be at the centre of everything we do. Mater should be relevant, present and able to meet consumer needs anywhere and at any time into the future.

Measurement of the success of our approach can be simplified into five key indicators which in turn link to our business Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). By linking our activity to these indicators, we can ensure that our combined efforts are delivering a Queensland-wide focus on the needs of our consumers and the continuation of our Mission.

To find out more contact our Director of Strategy on 07 3163 1247.