We all have a role to play

The community lies at the very heart of what we do. The Sisters of Mercy built Mater on the spirit of giving and it’s this tradition that continues today to help us meet the needs of the community. We do this through a number of programs and services which are designed to support our community.

Whether it be our commitment to refugee health, supporting the homeless or providing maternity and other services for marginalised and at-risk groups, we have a proud legacy of going beyond the limits of hospital-based care.

To provide these services, we rely on the support of our volunteers, our partners in the community and the generous financial support of our donors.

We also value your input to ensure we are meeting your needs as it’s this feedback that allows us to continue to be relevant to the community in which we are here to serve.

Community of consumers

Facilitating partnerships between Mater People, consumers and the community adds value to every part of our organisation.

Effective consumer engagement ensures Mater gains a deeper understanding of patient’s, families and carer’s preferences and goals, their ability to understand and apply information, identify gaps in health care, education and research services and gain a broader perspective and understanding of safe high quality services from a consumer perspective.

There are a number of ways you can be involved:

  • Mater's Community of Consumers invites local community members to participate in a range of activities to provide feedback on various aspects of our organisation.
  • The Consumers’ in Care Committee has the purpose of engaging with patients, families and consumers in the planning, design, delivery measurement and evaluation of the care we provide our patients.
  • To join our community of consumers, click here for more information. 

For further information, please email consumers@mater.org.au

Consumer and Community Research Engagement

Mater Research is committed to involving the community in the development, implementation and evaluation of its many research programs. Its Strategic Development team helps researchers collaborate with people in the community to drive quality research, drawing on each other's knowledge to address the fundamental research questions.

These collaborations support community-driven research by partnering with consumers to identify their health needs and the unmet needs of the broader community. The objective is to build sustainable partnerships that can be leveraged across Mater.

Mater Volunteers

Among the many Mater People we have working across our hospitals, you will have the pleasure of seeing many of our dedicated volunteers give their time to assist our patients and visitors.  As Queensland's largest hospital volunteer services program, our volunteers proudly conduct themselves with the professionalism and integrity that our patients and the wider community deserve.

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Mater Foundation

As the philanthropic arm, we seek to connect the community with Mater in various ways. When it comes to our supporters, who they are and their reasons for giving, are often varied. Depending on their life experiences and how Mater has been a part of it, influences how they engage with us and the causes we represent. Whether a member of the community takes part in a physical challenge and raises funds, or leaves a gift in their Will, together they are greatly contributing to the health and wellbeing of families now and into the future.

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