Welcome to Mater Health

Mater Health has grown to become an iconic provider of healthcare services for the community by delivering high quality, compassionate care in line with Mater’s Mission and Values.

Committed to delivering a world class health service for our patients across all stages of their healthcare journey, Mater Health aims to improve patient care with a consistent focus on providing safe, low variability, evidence based healthcare that meets the needs of the community.

Collaborating with Mater Research and Mater Education, Mater Health strives to develop new methods, practices and techniques for better patient outcomes. This collaboration means our expert clinical team, and patients, have access to advanced and innovative approaches for the management of illnesses and disease, as well as information about cutting-edge techniques in medical and surgical procedures.

Our internationally-acclaimed hospital network supports thousands of people each year and comprises of hospitals in South East, Central and North Queensland and pathology, pharmacy and allied health businesses. Beyond our hospital walls, we aim to support you in making better choices about your health, every day.

Our Clinical Support Services

At Mater we have a number of Clinical Support Services that complement the exceptional healthcare provided to our patients across Mater's hospitals in South East Queensland.  These services include: