Allied Health Services at Mater Health Hub, Springfield

Mater's first purpose-built education, health and wellbeing facility markes a new milestone in the delivery of Mater services. 

Mater Health Hub, Springfield delivers multidisciplinary services for mothers and babies, women's health, cancer care, chronic disease management and healthy ageing. 

Our services 

A wide range of Allied Health services are available at Mater Health Hub, Springfield. Our team of experienced podiatrists, physiotherapists, dietiians, lactation consultants and psychologists offer treatment and services on-site and via telehealth.

We also offer a range of group exercise and wellness classes - click here to view the available class scheldule.

We accept the following funding: Private health insurance, chronic disease management plans, mental health care plans, home care package, EPC, DVA,CHSP, and self-funded.

To book an appointment for any of these services, please call 3163 3760.

Lactation support

Our International Board-Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) provide information, education and support to parents and their babies to develop breastfeeding skills and overcome feeding challenges.

  • Antenatal support for anticipated feeding challenges
  • Postnatal support to discuss and resolve:
    • Positioning and attachment issues
    • Sore and damaged nipples
    • Low supply and supplemental feeding
    • Over supply and engorgement
    • Blocked ducts and mastitis
    • Tongue tie (oral restrictions)
    • Induced lactation

Nutrition and Dietetics

Our Accredited Practicing Dietitians (APDs) provide holistic, personalised dietetic care for a variety of conditions, including:

  • Antenatal and post pregnancy support for women to improve fertility, address dietary concerns or conditions during pregnancy (e.g. gestational diabetes) and nutritional support after birth
  • Support with the management of chronic disease and health conditions (e.g. diabetes, kidney and liver disease, heart disease and high cholesterol, dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, IBD and coeliac disease)
  • Support with achieving weight management goals including optimising surgery outcomes (e.g. gastric sleeve surgery, reduced load for joint replacement preparation and recovery)
  • Nutrition optimisation and prevention of unintentional weight loss during and after cancer treatment 
  • Support with managing diet and nutrition due to allergies or food intolerances

Antenatal Physiotherapy

Private outpatient clinic

  • Assessment and treatment  of musculoskeletal conditions such as back pain and pelvic girdle pain
  • Exercise advice – abdominal wall and general exercise
  • Continence and pelvic floor evaluation
  • Perineal massage tutorial (after 35 weeks)

Prepare to push

Pelvic floor screening and assessment of women planning to have a vaginal birth. We provide individualised sessions to assist “preparing” the pelvic floor muscles. Patients can self-refer to this service.

Postnatal Physiotherapy

Private outpatient clinic for postnatal review (from 5+ weeks after birth)

  • Pelvic floor muscle assessment and recovery plan
  • Abdominal wall assessment and recovery
  • Individual guidance on progression of postnatal exercise and safe return to exercise and sport
  • Management of musculoskeletal complaints eg. back pain, wrist pain
  • Therapeutic breast ultrasound for treatment of blocked ducts and mastitis

Postnatal Review Class (recommended from 5+ weeks after birth)

  • Small group class that includes abdominal wall assessment and core stability exercises
  • Pelvic floor education
  • Postural awareness and back care including stretches and exercises
  • Education on safe return to exercise

Men's Health Physiotherapy

  • Pre and post prostate cancer surgery for pelvic floor assessment and recovery plan
  • Advice on safe return to exercise and activity 





We have an experienced AHPRA registered podiatrist on-site who is available to offer the following services:

  • General foot care 
  • Diabetic foot assessment 
  • Ingrown toenail treatment (not surgery) 
  • Sports injuries: ankle, toe, foot 
  • Musculoskeletal injuries: plantar fasciitis, heel pain, etc 
  • Paediatric musculoskeletal concerns: flat foot, high arches
  • Footwear advice 
  • Orthotic therapies 
  • Wound care 


Psychology services are currently available to client’s with mental health concerns in the areas of: 

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Oncology
  • Persistent pain
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Grief and loss
  • Adjustment to chronic health, the impact of ageing and changing function
  • Support to engage in medical treatment and allied health interventions (e.g. fear of falling)

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