Added test service

In order to enhance our added test service, Mater Pathology offers a fax option for ordering tests in addition to those originally requested on the patient's request form. This option offers a time-efficient way of dealing with your patient’s follow-up.

It is important to note that due to the time-critical nature of testing and limits to storage capabilities, most samples are only stored for seven days after testing is completed (although not all specimens are stored according to this timeline). Serological testing may be stored for extended periods to assist in the assessment of seroconversion, however the instability of some analytes may mean that a sample that is only several days old may be unsuitable for analysis.

The following are some examples of tests that can only be added if special collection and storage requirements have been met:

  • ACTH;
  • Ammonia;
  • β-Hydroxybutyrate;
  • BNP;
  • C-Peptide;
  • CH50;
  • Chromogranin A;
  • CSF Neurotransmitters;
  • Dehydrocholesterol;
  • Growth Hormone;
  • Ionised Calcium;
  • Lactate;
  • PTH;
  • Renin;
  • TB Quantiferon;
  • Vitamin A;
  • Vitamin E;
  • White Cell Enzymes.

The following are some examples of tests that can only be added within the indicated timeframe post collection:

Special Coagulation Tests including Factor Assays (2 hours);
Coagulation Profile (4 hours); ESR (6 hours).
For any queries in regards to added tests please contact the laboratory directly on 07 3163 8500.

Faxing Added Tests
By using the following fax form, you can order additional tests without filling out a second request form. All that is required is that you complete the form and sign it, prior to faxing it back to our Added Tests Department on the following number 07 3163 8752.

Mater Pathology Added Test Fax (PDF)