Mater Pharmacy’s Aged Care service offering provides Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACFs) with a comprehensive, integrated and clinical medication supply solution for their residents. This service offering has a historical foundation proven to be safe, efficient and cost-effective. The quality of service is synonymous with that of the Mater Hospital services with their renowned community reputation.

We provide safe, high quality and consistent access to pharmacy products and medications using an in-house, centralised system. Using our integrated service removes the challenges of dealing with multiple pharmacies with differing systems, processes and philosophies and ensures consistency in supply, communication, and systems integration.

Pharmacy supply services we offer:

  • A comprehensive and consistent pharmacy service that can be delivered across multiple sites, over a significant geographical footprint
  • Responsive 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access to a pharmacist and medications (including urgent palliative care treatment dispatch)
  • Dual dispensing verification process to ensure accuracy and safety—two pharmacists independently check every dispensed medication
  • Comprehensive onsite Imprest medication system integration (supplied and managed by Mater Pharmacy)
  • Nominated liaison pharmacist for each facility
  • Interoperable software systems able to integrate with all Aged Care clinical and residential electronic Medication Management (eMM) software systems
  • Electronic National Residential Medication Chart (eNRMC) compatible
  • Access to Mater supply channels enabling a responsive and efficient procurement of constrained and highly specialised medications
  • Extensive range of consumable products available to aged care partners at competitive prices
  • Resident billing reconciliation – A dedicated case manager responsible for the review of each individual account on a case-by-case bases.

Clinical services we offer:

  • Excellence in Eldercare through sector leading Change Management support and Supply arrangements which reduce RACF workload demands as they incorporate clinical governance requirements
  • Attendance at all Medication Advisory Committee (MAC) meetings to discuss quality improvement strategies
  • Access to an incident management and reporting system designed to improve processes, safety and efficiency and assistance with accreditation requirements
  • Continuing Professional Development and Continuing Education (CPD/CE) training provided by specialist Drug Information Pharmacists
  • Liaison with RMMR providers for the provision of ‘Mandatory Quality Indicator’ reports enabling the ability to analyse trends and compare key performance indicators between sites and across the wider RACF space
  • Multiple logistics models available to access metropolitan, regional, border zone and interstate facilities future-proofing any RACF provider expansion intentions.

Comprehensive Mater Pharmacy transition framework

  • The Mater Pharmacy team will work closely with the RACF’s executive team to establish a comprehensive framework for the transition process.
  • A dedicated transition consultant (pharmacist) will be project managing the transition to Mater supply to ensure that the existing high standards of care and continuity of supply are maintained.
  • The transition framework will act as a guide for the transition timeline, highlighting the various stages of the transition to Mater supply process. This reduces uncertainty and is a formal guide for client expectations.

Our points of difference: eldercare

  • Person centered aged care 
  • Responsive 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access to a pharmacist and medications 
  • Contemporary e-medication management systems
  • Robust medication safety and clinical governance processes
  • Comprehensive Imprest medication system 
  • Responsive, efficient procurement of highly specialised medicines
  • Ergonomic Medication Trolley layout and supply, enabling efficiency and safety
  • Comprehensive transition framework to ensure high standards of care and continuity of supply are maintained.