Mater Pharmacy’s Aged Care Service provides aged care facilities with safe, efficient and cost effective pharmacy services. We offer an  integrated clinical and medication supply solution for your residents.

We provide safe, high quality and consistent access to pharmacy products and medications using an in-house, centralised system. Using our integrated service removes the challenges of dealing with multiple pharmacies with differing systems, processes and philosophies and ensures consistency in our approach across all levels.

Clinical services we offer:
  • Access to an incident management and reporting system designed to improve processes, safety and efficiency and assist with accreditation requirements
  • Medication review programs (e.g. Residential Medication Management Review RMMR)
  • Attendance at all Medication Advisory Committee meetings to discuss quality improvement strategies
  • Continuing Professional Development and Continuing Education (CPD/CE) courses
  • Training provided by Drug Information Specialised and Liaison Pharmacists
  • Access to geriatricians (on as agreed basis) for CPD/CE.
Pharmacy supply services we offer:
  • A consistent pharmacy service that can be delivered across multiple sites
  • Responsive 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access to a pharmacist and prescription medications
  • Dispensing verification process to ensure accuracy and safety—two pharmacists independently check every dispensed medication
  • Comprehensive imprest medication system (supplied and managed by Mater Pharmacy)
  • Nominated liaison pharmacist for each facility
  • Ability to work with most aged care clinical and resident management software systems
  • Responsive and efficient procurement of hard to access and highly specialised medications
  • Extensive range of consumable products available to aged care partners at competitive prices
  • Resident billing issues are addressed with compassion—each case managed after careful review of each individual’s situation and needs
  • Mater Health owns and operates all Mater Pharmacies ensuring consistency and service quality across all clinical and billing systems and contract administration processes.


For further information please contact:
Sean Fallon
Community Pharmacy Group Manager
07 3163 7980 or 0413 219 910