Social Work

Mater at Home social workers are available to support your overall wellbeing, helping you though social and interpersonal difficulties and advocating for your needs.

Our experienced team provide clinical expertise to assist with:

  • coordination of community services to ensure continuity of care in the community for you and your family or carer
  • future planning (i.e. support with completing advance Care Planning documents)
  • cognitive impairment, financial administration and guardianship (i.e. QCAT applications
  • adjustment to illness
  • family support (i.e. facilitating family meetings, support with complex family matters and carer stress)
  • Mater Aged Placement Service—residential care and nursing home placement
  • grief and loss counselling
  • end of life support (i.e. bereavement and practical assistance)
  • support after abuse (i.e. financial, psychological, emotional, physical and sexual)
  • access to financial support
  • specialised cancer care support (i.e. assisting patients diagnosed with cancer through the various stages of treatment)
  • specialised renal care support (i.e. assisting patients diagnosed with renal failure through the various stages of Chronic Kidney Disease)
  • social isolation (i.e. those at risk of self-neglect, linking with social supports in the community).

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Looking for more information? Our team are here to answer your questions and advise on the best care options for you and your family. No referral is necessary, so please contact our team and we'll tailor a treatment plan for you.

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